The Economic Model of Planet+Ultra®

Systemic Dimension

The global spectroscopy of humankind's knowledge resources will aggregate at this ultimate level of capitalization, which will virtuously square the global budget cycle (1) of Planet+Ultra® (2), whereby the added value recorded in this annual state-of-the-world report will be "redistributed" in (near) real-time to the value-aggregating (i.e. contributing) franchised members in the form of reliable conceptual statistics about all possible issues, all of which will constitute the affiliate member's raw material (input) for further authoring and production.Continue reading

International Level

The contribution of the anglo-saxon world (2) to the global outcome of Planet+Ultra® will aggregate at the international level (1).Continue reading

National Level

The UK’s national contribution to the anglophone outcome (1) of the anglo-saxon world will aggregate at the national level (2).Continue reading

Regional Level

Conceptual trends of the SWOT type, which are characteristic of a country's national identity, will emerge at this regional level of aggregation.Continue reading

Territorial Level

Due to all the historical and geographical disparities arising from the question of how to assess the local dimension as defined in the previous entry, NetPlusUltra®-enabled statistics will not be conceptually interesting in terms of comparability before they aggregate up to this jurisdictional and territorial level.Continue reading

Local Level

After this reminder about the service's online affiliation modalities as set forth in the previous entry, let us extend the reflection to the local level, so as to redefine the very notion of spacetime travel considering first, that today's local dimension is different from that of 200 years ago, with all the progress-induced acceleration of time to reduce the distance, and second, that the perception of space differs considerably depending on whether we adopt the perspective of the city dweller evolving in his urban jungle, or the view of the internet user living in the countryside.Continue reading

Individual Level

The individual level refers to the affiliate author's matrix-based anchor point inside the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system, i.e. to his·her place of living, since we're talking about a conceptual framework specifically devised to meet the requirements of knowledge professionals cyberworking from home:Continue reading

The Author's Foreword

This blogoscopy aims at providing a "manually" compiled overview of the type of dashboard that the future NetPlusUltra®-sustained capitalization system will generate automatically based on every franchised member's "Unified Conceptual Declaration (UCD)".Continue reading