The Economic Model of Planet+Ultra®

Beyond the Seventh Sky: The Eighth Dimension

Just like spectrum of light (*) which holds all shades and is commonly represented by the seven most dominating (i.e. perceivable) colors, seven dimensions of scalability are necessary and sufficient not only to aggregate a global economy (bottom-up view of the non-members), but also to deconstruct the latter when it is depressed (top-down perspective of the franchised members). Which is rather reassuring, considering that the number seven also refers to how many items our ingeniously limited working memory is capable of processing simultaneously. It is beautiful to see how light is taking care of business!
Since what we perceive can be modeled with a view to better management, I would like to propose the following concept implementation matrix, which is thematically in line with this year's program status update pertaining to the ".org" dimension: it is inspired by the V-shaped lifecycle model (**), and aims at redefining our understanding of the systemic issue at hand into a virtuous problem-solving cycle (please refer to the present website's Slidefolio page in case of display issues on mobile devices).
Concept(ual) Implementation Matrix
Starting from a scientific reality which imposes itself to all of us (whether we understand it or not), let us go back to what makes NetPlusUltra® a specific author's solution: indeed, as a master franchisor having authority upon the implementation of her program, my working time (building assets) is dedicated to the deconstruction of a geopolitical legacy which generates more problems than it is capable of solving, whereas my leisure time (during which I keep a watchful eye on liabilities) is aligned with the first so as to allow specific job-related field observations that help me to sustain my problem-solving dynamics against the background of the mission to be accomplished…and so forth and so on.
Let us now examine the subject matter at hand. While the above matrix leaves you the choice between the aggregation path (from specifics to generics), and the deconstruction path (the other way around), the sidebar navigation indicators follow the conceptual implementation logic to which this website is dedicated.