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Fostering Systemic Understanding of the National Economy

While all it takes today to get an answer to (almost) any type of question is to ask a search engine, it is also true that the lack of strictly chrono-thematic differentiation criteria as regards the indexation of web contents uselessly extends the time it takes to obtain a satisfying result: indeed, the information from both officious and official sources is being mingled for the sake of amalgamated principles such as the freedom of expression and affirmative action.
Understanding a national economy as it aggregates into a global outcome is not only a matter of figuring out how it works by staying tuned to the national news feeds (which provide insight about what is going on), but first and foremost about confronting that reality with the official programs of the government in session (informing of what is wanted). The analysis of existing (knowledge) gaps will only make sense if the problem under scrutiny is being considered in light if the systemic context which brought it along.
In the hope that search engines and other web design applications will soon evolve towards reducing such gaps, I would like to propose the following selection of official sources pertaining to a national economy in context, as a complement to the introductory matrix of the previous page.
Qwant Search Results
By conceptual subject matter area:
Demography of the UK

Health and social care

Environmental issues

National archives of the UK

Public data about the UK

Sport culture in the UK
British Armed Forces

Equal opportunities in the UK

Government of the UK

History of the UK

Home affairs

Justice system of the UK

UK legislation
Economy of the UK

Employment and labour in the UK

Industrial sector of the UK

National statistics of the UK

Public accounts of the UK

Social welfare in the UK

Taxation in the UK
Civil service in the UK

Community services in the UK

Education in the UK

Public sector employment in the UK

Territorial planning in the UK

Urban politics in the UK
Foreign Affairs
Foreign affairs of the UK

The Commonwealth of Nations

The English-speaking world
Arts & Culture
British scientific culture

Higher education in the UK