The Economic Model of Planet+Ultra®

From Conceptual Integrity to Cultural Unity

Against the background of the introduction of the big picture behind this optimization principle which is supposed to make everyone feel concerned, let us now turn to the international level with its cultural diversity and the vicious geopolitical dynamics that such wealth has set into motion towards indecent plundering of natural resources, for lack of a consensus on the way to exploit the latter in any other way than by the very default into which these market dynamics have ended up trapping us all.
Here again, a simple 8x8 matrix will do, as the primary purpose thereof is to explain - through this new conceptual dashboard of contents to be extracted from a (future) knowledge spectroscopy - how the franchising system will handle this cultural dimension which causes so much distorsion, in order to empower everyone, franchised member or not, to find his·her way towards the greater good.
The first criterion for conceptual differentiation, defined along the chart's upper horizontal axis, is historical, and refers to the development of humankind's great civilizations. Of all existing approaches pertaining to the classification of civilizations, I chose the one defended by French author Bernard NADOULEK, for the conceptual complementarity thereof with my matrix-based approach, all the more so as it (pertinently) captures the magic of number seven. Considering however that the book has not been translated yet, each of the chart's seven subject-matter squares will lead you to the corresponding Qwant search results, for a conceptually "framed" introduction.
The second criterion for conceptual differentiation, which is defined along the chart's vertical axis to the left, is subject-matter-focused and refers to the main knowledge areas that are necessary and sufficient to square a conceptual problem-solving cycle. The matrix-based crossing of these two criteria will provide for conceptual statistics of the SWOT type, to be extracted from the system's (future) knowledge spectroscopy, which - once made comparable on the grounds of conceptually isolated sub-criteria - will open new R&D perspectives as regards the study of our differences (please refer to the Slidefolio page in case of display issues on mobile devices).

The International Economy of Planet+Ultra®

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International matrix for conceptual implementation:
The benefit of this conceptual approach of the multicultural dimension is that it will help us to purge our perception (our "cache memory") of the sort of geopolitical interface distorsion which has been corrupting our cognition since our history and geography classes, so as to make space for a whole new horizon waiting to be filled with new events, as web contents of a (truly) new kind will start to emerge.