The Economic Model of Planet+Ultra®

A Conceptual Means to All Useful Ends

How to produce useful compilations, in order to relay information which is pertinent for oneself (input) and for others (output), without ever forgetting that - as a reporting tool enabling the expression of the personality of the author thereof -, the dashboard should remain an integral part of the latter's private production environment, so as to not become the source of cloning practices?
Starting from the various levels through which a global knowledge economy is aggregated on the grounds of the conceptual dashboards of the authors who produce such compilations, this problem-solving module provides a comprehensive example of what conceptual implementation is all about, with a view to unleashing convergence dynamics which will liberate the system from all kinds of defaults.
At each step of this problem deconstruction path, 2x2 dimensional distinctions will have to be made: first, between the intellectual work and the author thereof, and second, between franchised members (focused on the inside-out perspective) and non-members (taking the outside-in view):
Global Echelon
Normative dimension: franchised members
This aggregate dimension refers to the global amount of intangible and tangible assets produced and detained by (future) franchised authors, who, by virtue of their active member status, will benefit from the advantages of network membership, including the automatically self-aggregating conceptual dashboard.
Adaptative dimension: non-members
This aggregate dimension refers to the global debt produced and detained by non-members, who, by default of their non-status, must at least have access to conceptual contents which will empower them to make themselves admissible for affiliation, namely: NetPlusUltra®-certified web services produced by franchised authors.
Individual Level
Normative dimension: the intellectual work
This dimension refers to the financial right recognized to the author of an intellectual work to sustain a living from his·her production. In the present case, the latter refers to the web incubation service which provides for the effective application of this financial principle: the NetPlusUltra®-sustained economic model of web-franchising.
Adaptative dimension: the author
This dimension refers to the moral quality recognized to the author of an intellectual work, provided that the conditions deemed faithful as proof of authenticity are fulfilled. In the present case, these conditions refer to the personal investment that the author must make to this end: Daniela BERNDT in particular.
To encourage everyone to create his·her own autopilot dashboard, which will have to distinguish itself from all others through an original choice of sources dedicated to the individual mission to be accomplished, each section of this website starts with a presentation of the specific dimension of scale under consideration, as a reminder pertaining to the benefits of affiliation, followed by a problem-solving matrix aiming at inspiring the application of this principle to one's own specific goal, in a self-monitoring way.
A second page squares the cycle by promoting conceptual use of search engines, so as to encourage candidates for membership to produce complementary contents on the grounds of search results pertaining to the subject matter presented in each section.