The Economic Model of Planet+Ultra®

This Way Around Please!

Don't fool yourself: the purpose of this seemingly elementary "qwantum" compilation pertaining to the principles of global economics is to demonstrate that, in contrast with the 1990ies, when one had to incur a debt to go to University and queue in at the library, all it takes today to achieve much better results (in theory) - all other things being savagely digitized (ceteris paribus) - is to buy a reference book on the general principles of anything, and to become an expert…at societal systemics!
Which of course also raises a whole lot of collateral questions on the value of diplomas, on the recognition of self-learning, and on the economic consequences of open access to knowledge, when such free access generates nothing but yet another marginal unit of plagiarism, cybercrime, and counterfeiting. All the things which (should) make knowledge professionals angry, and that my NetPlusUltra®-sustained web service master franchises into a turnkey concept solution for web authors.
It is now perfectly clear: in terms of economic theory, the internet has changed everything, and it is precisely on the huge potential for conceptual productivity resulting from this societal mutation that my formula grafts onto towards sustainable self-development and equitable e-business, with a view to securing all market niches through a conceptualization of the European codex of intellectual property.
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