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After this reminder about the service's online affiliation modalities as set forth in the previous entry, let us extend the reflection to the local level, so as to redefine the very notion of spacetime travel considering first, that today's local dimension is different from that of 200 years ago, with all the progress-induced acceleration of time to reduce the distance, and second, that the perception of space differs considerably depending on whether we adopt the perspective of the city dweller evolving in his urban jungle, or the view of the internet user living in the countryside.

Considering further that the NetPlusUltra®-sustained problem-solving process defines virtuality as augmented reality produced with a view to examining any type of problem from all possible spacetime perspectives after conceptual "showcase modelization", and that the purpose of my virtual incubation service is therefore not to escape reality, but rather to optimize the experience thereof, the local level refers to the environment in which everyone will have to take on their share of the personal organization challenge that we are all facing.

It is about time to take a closer look at the tags of the present blogoscopy: the splitting of the author's catchment area into slices of 50 km each is the result of the integration of such criteria of practicality which prove to be convenient when we are reasoning in terms of the things we have to do in half a day or in a whole day, since we also need to organize our return (possibly at peak times), which is likely to multiply the distance by (at least) two, considering further that after the first 50 km, 25 more will not be much of an additional issue…Still following? Just kidding.

The question of how many such catchment areas are necessary from a local starting point (zero) to a global destination is answered by a simple estimation of average surface areas specific to the territory of metropolitan France. What makes this model so useful is that it proposes an individual measurement scale which can be used in any country, regardless of its size.

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